Small business insight and strategy specialists

Small Business Insight & Strategy Specialists

Let us unlock the value in your business by bringing our international insight to help you capitalise on new opportunities

Let us unlock the value in your business by bringing our international insight to capitalise on new opportunities

With 25+ years experience of growing insurance businesses through an age of massive digital change, serving customers directly in the UK, we have the expertise to help you prioritise,  develop and modernise to retain more clients and win new business in a rapidly changing, always-on world.

Many of the changes now being introduced to the Canadian market have been embedded in the UK for 10 or more years, and we can share our insight into how insurers and the market is likely to develop to help you get ahead.

With bases both in the UK and Canada, we are ideally placed to suggest and support changes you might be looking to make and help you transform your business to keep pace with how consumers want to live their lives in the 2020s.

Recent insurance news

As the UK continues to suffer from floods yet again, typical Canadian homeowners policy limits can leave flooded households with a life-changing bill to pay
In a move that echoes what the UK insurance market has done for the last 15+ years, Aviva Canada announce they are returning to using credit scoring as an auto rating factor
Insurtech means everything to some, and nothing to most, particularly customers. What could it mean to your business and what are the critical factors to help you decide?

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From our archives