Small business insight and strategy specialists

Small Business Insight & Strategy Specialists


Arun Bay, created by one of the two co-founders of UK online insurance pioneers Avantia Insurance Ltd, Neil Huzinga, works alongside smaller insurance businesses, owner to owner, to help them control their own destinies in a rapidly changing market.

What have we done before?

Having previously started an insurance broking company that began with 4 members of staff and 0 customers, and growing it to over 120 staff and 100,000 customers, we are very familiar with the pains and challenges that small and medium-sized businesses face, and how to overcome them.
With the potential for significant regulatory changes to the Canadian insurance market, alongside the rise of fintech, insurtech and the incorporation of data and analytics into every aspect of insurance and risk pricing, those challenges are only increasing in their size and scope.

Our background in the UK consumer insurance market, one of the most competitive and transparent in the world, means that managing sustainable growth, and adapting to, or even leading market change against a shifting environment is something we are very accustomed to.

By becoming leaders in the online and digital home insurance space, we won industry awards for innovations we brought to the market but, more importantly, won the loyalty of hundreds of thousands of customers who benefited from the way we made life easier for them. Since then, we have taken that experience a step further, to deconstruct insurtech into something that can be made relevant and meaningful to almost any business, without having to invest a cent more than you can afford.

What can we do for you?

We can help with all aspects of the day-to-day running of a business, as well as with strategic and structural change, for example to help you deal with evolving market conditions in Canada today, or setting your company up to maximise its value at exit.

The experience of deciding to take our previous business through a Management Buy Out (MBO) backed by Private Equity investors also means we can help you to consider and prioritise the issues that arise in any succession planning, successful exit or external investment, whichever is most relevant to your circumstances.

With expertise in the regulated financial services and insurance sector, you decide how best we can work with you – whether it’s more of an arms-length, infrequent service you are looking for, or one that is more deeply integrated into your business, we can support a variety of approaches that best suits you.